Monday, March 29, 2010

A New Country at Epcot? by

Maybe, just maybe... It seems Disney is thinking about changing one of the Epcot's worldshowcase country and put a new one on it's place.

The new country may be Brazil, Shouth Africa, Australisa or Russia (an old guess).

How do we know that?

A Screamscape reader was stopped in Epcot in World Showcase’s Outpost area by a CM and asked to take a brief survey. Just three simple questions, starting with a “How many times have you visited Walt Disney World?”. The next tow questions however are far more interesting.  First was a multi-choice question asking which country you would most like to see added to World Showcase: Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Russia or an Other choice to name something else. Following this the next question asked guests which country would they be LEAST upset to see removed from World Showcase.

    While this doesn’t mean that Epcot is ready to add a new country just yet, it is telling that they are interesting in getting guest feedback about the possibility. Even more telling is the fact that they are considering doing it as a replacement for an existing country rather than build a new one entirely from scratch. While guests could pick any country they wanted as the preferred one to remove, I would think that perhaps the pavilions without a major attraction inside would perhaps be the most at risk. That list would include: Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco and the UK and possibly even France, though each of these countries have fairly popular restaurants as well so anything is possible.

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Anonymous said...

This is fifty percent entertaining. But then again I am extremely high right now

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