Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Disneyland Brazil MAY BE a reality in less than 10 years

To avoid breaking the hotel network in Rio de Janeiro after the "fever" caused by the Olympics in 2016, a group of economists from BNDES (National Economic and Social Development) and an advisor to the mayor of the capital will present the idea of create a Disney theme park in the city during the 22nd edition of the National Forum.

The project was presented at the event, which took place last Thursday (20),  at the BNDES in Rio. 

According to one of the authors, the economist Fabio Giambiagi, also menthor of 'market risk' at BNDES, the official article has 35 pages about the Olympics and its legacy, and two entire pages defending the idea of the Disney theme park.

- We cannot have the Olympics and leave the city without a goal after that. Following this event the city has to reinvent itself. A great example is Barcelona, where the Olympics were held in 1992.

Giambiagi said that the Rio hotel network must improve quality and increase the amount of beds for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. To be able to survive after that, the city needs to be able to attract tourists on a larger scale. For this, an investment like a Disney theme park would be the best choice .

The economist argues that it can be done because Disney is experiencing a trend of expansion.  In addition to parks in the U.S., there’s also Disney Parks in Europe and its last installation outside the American continent was in Asia.

- Hopefully in ten years, Disney will put its foot in Latin America and will not be in Mexico because it has no meaning because of the proximity to the USA. A natural choice would be Brazil especially with the growing economy.

According to Giambiagi, there won’t be a place with such suitable conditions to overcome Rio de Janeiro, with potential for tourism and attracting people from all over Brazil and South America.

-It’s very hard for a person who lives in Argentina to go to Miami. But if there is an air conection to Rio de Janeiro, it is possible that people can come to Disney two or three times in their lives.

Giambiagi made it clear that the idea of creating the theme park is a project that is still in development aprocess and that there are no negotiations with Disney yet.

It was said because of the recent rumors about a large Disney World for 2011 in the south of Brazil.
The false statement says construction is scheduled for August 2011 and has duration of five years. 

The blogger slanderer even invents the area as the "DisneyLand Brazil” would be built about 25 km ², kept secret that also rely on its complex to DisneyArea 'city' to house all the developments in media of the famous American group through the creation of The Brazil Walt Disney Company, an independent arm of Disney Latin America. "

On Tuesday (May 23), A Disney’s spokesperson denied all the information related to the Construction of the theme park and also said the company does not plan any investment in Brazil. The office will issue an official statement next week.

Thanks to Leandro Solari from Argentina for all the work and colaboration!

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Ana Luiza Aragão said...

A ideia é até legal, mas ONDE vão construir isso? Não tem mais espaço no Rio, já que os hotéis da Copa e Olimpiadas vão ser todos na Zona Sul e Barra, lugares mais que saturados

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