Saturday, February 27, 2010

Enhanced Frontierland Hoedown Happening debuts

It’s been part of the park experience over the years. Frontierland Hoedown Happening is the latest installment…and yes, you can be part of the show.

A new version of the Frontierland Hoedown Happening debuted at Magic Kingdom Park Feb. 26, 2010.

The action begins without notice at Walt Disney World. A lone operator from Big Thunder Mountain walks into the street and starts waving a hat. He’s soon joined by other residents of Frontierland, including the Country Bears and other friends. See for yourself.

The show, which celebrates the spirit of the wild west, has been enjoyed by theme park guests for more than 10 years. Today, the show debuted plussed up with new music, costumes and choreography.

The Frontierland Hoedown Happening  starts when the normal park background music fades and the song Devil's Dream begins. Suddenly a bunch of cast members dressed in various Frontierland costumes then gather for a group dance. Several Frontierland characters also join in on the fun, including Brer Bear, Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox, and Country Bears Wendell, Big Al, Shaker and Liver Lips.

Next, nearby guests are invited to join a procession to the tune of Rocky Top and do the Hokey Pokey. The show concludes with the cast members and characters doing a finale dance for guests to the Country Bears' song, Come Again.

When the last song ends, the Frontierland performers thank everyone for joining in and go back to their business — until a Frontierland Hoedown Happening happens again. Have you experienced it yet? 

Because the spirit of the show is aimed at being spontaneous and fun, show times are not published in the Times Guide.

You can see a little blond girl doing the Hokey Pokey in this video:

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