Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Create Your Own Disney Halloween Pumpkins

Angry Donald Disney Halloween Pumpkin Dracula Mickey Disney Halloween Pumpkin Minnie Disney Halloween Pumpkin Scared Mickey Disney Halloween Pumpkin

These are the steps to successfully carving your Halloween pumpkin using the Disney character templates:

These instructions work for both artificial and real pumpkins.
  • Chose your Disney character template.
  • Enlarge or shrink your template to fit the size of your pumpkin.
  • Cut around the template, reducing the paper size to include only the features to be sculpted.
  • Tape or pin the template on to your pumpkin.
  • Draw over the template with a pencil, pen or store bought template tool.
  • Remove template from pumpkin.
  • You should see indentation lines on your pumpkin highlighting the features to be sculpted.
  • Using a safe pumpkin sculpting tool, slowly begin to sculpt your Disney character face.
  • As you sculpt, stop and look often to ensure eyes, nose and mouth are in proportion.
  • Remember to sculpt a hole under your pumpkin to insert a LED candle.

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