Friday, July 30, 2010

Trouble Under the Sea

The reason behind a rule often becomes clear just after you break it

More than anything else, Ariel loved exploring shipwrecks and finding human treasures. But her father, King Triton, had expressly ordered her to stay away from shipwrecks, or any place where she would be in danger of being snagged by one of those fish-eating humans.

The Little Mermaid knew her father loved her. But she also knew that he just didn't understand. Human objects were so amazing, and shipwrecks were the only place she could find them. Nothing would happen to her. She was sure of it.

One day, Ariel took her friend Flounder to see a new shipwreck she had found. "Isn't it Fantastic?" she said.

"Yeah, sure," replied Flounder, anxiously looking over his shoulder. "It's great. Now let's get out of here."

"You're not getting cold fins now, are you?" Ariel asked.

"Who, me?" said Flounder. "No way. It's just, uh, it looks damp in there. I think I may be coming down with something." He coughed loudly, making sure that Ariel heard.

"All right," said Ariel. "You can just stay here and watch for sharks."

"What? Sharks? Ariel!" Flounder tried to swim after Ariel through a porthole but he got stuck. "Ariel, help!"

Ariel grabbed Flounder's fins and pulled him inside the ship. Soon she spied a shiny silver object. She picked it up and said, "Have you ever seen anything so wonderful?"

As they examined the object, Flounder was distracted by a strange sound. "What was that?" he asked, trembling.

"Flounder, will you relax?" said Ariel, picking up and examining another object. "Nothing is going to happen."

Flounder heard the strange sound again. He thought he saw a shadow. Looking behind him, he saw a huge shark was gliding toward them. "Shark! Shark!" he cried.

Flounder zoomed toward a porthole and got stuck again. As the shark bore down on him, its huge jaws open wide, Ariel swam up and pushed Flounder through the porthole. Then she followed, swimming as fast as she could.

The shark raced after them. In flounder's haste to get away, he smacked into the ship's mast. Dazed, he sank to the ocean floor.

Ariel reached throught a metal anchor ring and grabbed her friend. As she backed out of the ring, the shark tried to follow, but it got stuck. The shark thrashed its tail, frustrated at not being able to catch its prey.

Ariel and Flounder swam back to the palace. Ariel thought about how her father had been right. Shipwrecks were dangerous!

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